Shapefile uploader for SQL Server 2008

The Shape2SQL tool allows to upload data from ESRI Shapefiles to Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008. It is very user friendly tool. It supports following geometry type

  • Point
  • MultiPoint
  • (Multi) Polygon
  • (Multi) LineStrings

Z and M values are included if available in the shapefile.

Tool Settings

Replace existing table: If checked and table exists, it will be overridden. If not, data will be appended (Table schema must match).
Planar/Geometry geometry: Chooses between planar or spherical/geographic data type.┬áSelect planar geometry if your data is in a projected coordinate system or contains geographic features that doesn’t adhere to the SqlGeography limitations, or you need spatial operators not available on the geography type.
Set SRID: Sets the Spatial Reference EPSG ID of the data* (Geography requires an SRID in the 4000s). NOTE: This does NOT reproject data if your data is in a different SRID. You should set the SRID to match your source data.
Create Spatial index: Adds a spatial index to the table** (if appending to an existing table this is ignored).
Table Name: Name of table in database.
Geometry Name: Name of geometry column in the database
ID Column Name: Name of ID column. Leave empty if you don’t want an ID column**
Attribute columns: Select the columns you want to upload to the database.

*Setting the SRID on the table also creates a uniform SRID constraint on the table.
**An ID column name is required to generate a spatial index.

This tool can be downloaded from “Download Shape2SQLServer2008

Source: Sharpgis

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