Ciao Avatar Kinect, Adieu Real Life Socializing

Avatar Kinect is a new social entertainment experience on Xbox LIVE bringing your avatar to life! Control your avatar’s movements and expressions with the power of Avatar Kinect. When you smile, frown, nod, and speak, your avatar will do the same.

You are the Controller

Kinect for Xbox 360 means your Xbox experience is no controller required. Now, with Avatar Kinect, you can control your avatar’s facial expression, head, and arm movements. As you talk, frown, smile, or scowl, your voice and facial expressions are enacted by your avatar, bringing your avatar to life!

Socialize in a New Way

Invite up to 7 friends to join you in over 15 virtual environments sure to inspire creative conversations and performances. Invite friends for a discussion, or have them join you at the

performance stage where you can put on a show! With Avatar Kinect, you’ll be able to see your friends’ actual expressions in real time through their avatars! And with the built-in Family Settings on your Xbox 360, your chats are always safe and secure.

Be a Star! Perform in Virtual Environments

Be the center of attention and the star of the show! Avatar Kinect lets you create amazing videos quickly and easily. Avatar Kinect offers 15 unique virtual sets to reflect your mood and inspire your conversations or performances. Be a talk-show host, late-night comedian, or just hang out with friends at a tailgate party. Arrive or leave your session in style with animations such as flying in with a jet pack, or snapping your fingers to vanish. You can even add cool animated and visual effects to creatively express your thoughts on what’s going on with your friends.

I’m all for technology, but I think the Avatar Kinect is just another stepping stone in the eventual death of real life human interaction. Though wonderful idea! The technology behind it is obviously getting much better as time passes by.

Good part is that the socially challenged boy or girl who always spent his/her time locked away in their bedroom might actually feel more inclined to try out this new form of interaction, since they still can maintain privacy but are still able to pretend like they’re chatting with others. On the flip side, those who usually go out with there friends to the mall or club may use this instead… maybe out of laziness or convenience. Facebook has pretty much proven how our social skills have gone down the drain.

Rather than going out and actually interacting with others, users will just sit in the comfort of their homes and chat via the Internet. It’s a well known fact that the Internet’s privacy allows almost anyone to feel confident, because they can be who they want to be without exposing who they really are.

With all these new social networking options, there are more and more compelling reasons for people to stay home instead of getting out there and actually hanging out with one another. I am quite sure many of you may disagree that this is a social killer though.

Written by Shilpa Dubey

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