29th January 2011: Switch off your TV for one day

Mumbai is a city that always keeps its eyes opens the entire day and night. A city that never sleeps. Mumbai is always at high spirit, keeping a pace with the modernized global world.

A city where everyone rushes to work, home etc. A city where 24 hours is just not enough, people spend more time in traveling than with family. A city where people spend less time with family and with their near and dear ones.

Hence Hindustan Times have taken the initiative to have No Television Day on 29th January 2011 for the first time in Mumbai.

A Day to step out, have fun and explore Mumbai. A day to create their own special day. A day to enjoy the tourist attractions and pleasure that Mumbai offers like no other city does.

Switch on Mumbai, Switch off TV on No Television Day- 29th January 2011. Hindustan times is offering many different activities like Helicopter ride over Mumbai, fabulous food discounts, heritage rides in South Mumbai etc. to promote No TV Day. For more details, visit to NoTVDay.

Let’s take a pledge together to celebrate 29th January 2011


No Television Day.

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16 thoughts on “29th January 2011: Switch off your TV for one day

  1. Very nice idea. I would like to visit Borivali National Park on that day. Kids will at least know the animal which he is seeing in book are live actually. This will surely grow brain of kids. Also this will reduce carbon foot prints which I am generating using power consumption.So we are saving light, saving eyes, exploring our city.
    Jai Hind


  2. People Speak on now TV Day (on HT)
    Deepika Padukone: I really appreciate HT’s initiative and would urge people to step out of their daily routine, may be go for a walk
    or read a book.

    Kiran Rao: Through HT’s initiative, you are getting a chance to rediscover this city. Go to unusual places, explore and for once.

    Mahesh Jethmalani: I gladly support HT’s No TV Day initiative on January 29. It would mean more quality time with my wife and three delightful children. Even otherwise, I avoid the idiot box on weekends, unless there is an interesting sports events like cricket. —lawyer

    Vatsal Bulsara: I like the idea of No TV Day on 29 January. Our family life is scheduled according to TV programmes. But on January 29, we are taking out time for the city. This is my plan for the day: I will begin the day by visiting Siddhivinayak temple and then the Mahalakshmi temple. This will be followed up with a yummy lunch at Swati Snacks. Then we will go to museum and to the Gateway of India and take a boat ride. We will then chill with a beer at Café Leopold and have dinner at Bade Miya’s.

    Aayush Jain: I am a Class 7 student and a regular reader of Hindustan Times. I was very happy to read that Hindustan Times has taken an innovative step to celebrate January 29 as No TV Day. Today, it is very difficult to spend a day without watching television but it is not impossible. Usually on Saturdays I watch television but on January 29 we have decided to keep the TV off and spend my entire day reading books. When my father gets back from work, we plan to go out for a big family dinner. ¦ Can you stay away for the TV for an entire day?
    Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/People-speak-No-TV-Day/Article1-651400.aspx


  3. It is really a great move. I will appreciate if govt. decides to declare 29th Jan as “NO TV Day” and all channels are off on that day. Delhites are watching more TV than any other city in India.

  4. Great initiative of course, but one has to be careful. No TV should not translate into more web surfing. Go outdoors or spend quality time with family. Or even reading a book if you have to do something sedentary. Wish everyone the strength of resolve to stick to it and a great time in return.

  5. By Hindustan Times on NOTVDAY website. Halicopter
    50 lucky Mumbikars will get to see Mumbai from the skies.
    These rides offter panoramic view of Mumbai, an once in a life time experirnce.
    Only for individuals between 10 Yrs to 60 Yrs.
    SMS by sending NOTV to 54242 e.g. NOTV AMIT to 54242. A few lucky people who support us on Facebook or http://www.notvday.in also stand a chance to win.

  6. Just 1 day left to step out, explore Mumbai and have fun and say a big NO to TV.

    Some of the activities organized by Hindustan Times are:

    1) Laser and fireworks Show at Juhu Beach
    2) Wishing tree at Inorbit mall, Malad
    3) Heritage rides in south Mumbai
    4) Painting competition at schools
    5) Road Show-Catch it during evening at hotspot in Mumbai
    6) Fun filled activities at Inorbit Mall, Vashi and High Street Phoenix, Parel from 12 pm to 8 pm
    7) Exclusive discount deals with about 100 restaurants in the city, laser and fireworks shows, entertainment activities, and many other interesting activities.

    So enjoy with these activities and say no to TV


  7. This is great. I would encourage those who want to learn more to check out my Unplug the Signal Campaign.

    “Unplug the Signal” is a campaign to turn off televisions across the country. It draws attention to the gross manipulation of reality that is broadcast by the six major corporations controlling the content of television. The television has been used as a weapon of mass deception for the last half of a century as it manages society and culture through such techniques as perception management, predictive programming, and crisis creation. Unplugging the Signal is of urgent concern for the television remains our greatest threat to individual sovereignty and the largest obstacle to becoming a truly informed individual.

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