How to switch your Mobile Service Provider in MNP

What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone customers to retain their mobile numbers when changing from one service provider to other.

Indian government was trying it from long back. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) started in India with initial launching in Haryana on November 25, 2010.  It was launched by telecom minister Kapil Sibal in Haryana, allowing 18 million mobile phone customers in the state to retain their number while changing the service provider.

But some other area of the country will have this facility by the New Year, while it will be available throughout the country by March 2011. Though India is behind in getting this service as the countries like USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan etc. and many others had it from long time.

How to Change Your Mobile Network Operator (Mobile Service Provider) in India using Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

  • For this you simply need to send SMS to 1900 in given format: PORT <Your Mobile Number>. For example: PORT 982114XXXX [Here X denotes numbers].
  • You shall get an SMS reply with a unique porting code.
  • SMS to the preferred operator quoting the unique code. This code will valid only for a few days and you can apply again if it expires.
  • Now, you need to file a new connection application with your mobile details and the unique porting code to the new mobile operator you want to switch your mobile number to.
  • You shall get an SMS on the time and date when porting will take place. The process may take 7 days to complete.
  • The charge for MNP is Rs. 19/- and this will be charged by any of telecom operators for porting a mobile number. You existing balance and other offers won’t be applicable with the new mobile service provider.

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3 thoughts on “How to switch your Mobile Service Provider in MNP

  1. I am sure, this Mobile Number Portability is a very nice idea to improve the services provided by service providers. If you feel, your service provider is not giving you the best of it then go for another. You can choose the best service provider for your cellphone and enjoy the facilities.

  2. I guess the MNP is the next best thing to happen as the telecoms giants will feel the pressure and will stop fleecing the customers. I hope it implemented soon without any involvement of the RAJA’s and RADIA’s

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