Wind Turbines Changes Weather Patterns-According to Research

Wind energy is one of the main form of renewable energy that has huge potential to satisfy our future power necessity. Wind turbine is the devise that converts wind energy directly to the electrical energy.

The various parts and the working of wind turbine is as follows:

1) Fan blades: The wind turbines consists of the large fan blades which are connected to the hub.

2) Shaft: The hub is mounted on the shaft. When the wind blows over the fan blades they start rotating, due to this the shaft also starts rotating. If the wind blows very fast the brakes are applied to control the speed of rotation of fan blades and the shaft.

3) Transmission gearbox: The speed of rotation of the shaft is very slow and it is not sufficient to produce the electricity. To increase the output speed the shaft is connected to the gear box.

4) Output from the gearbox: The input is given to large gear of the gearbox rotating at slow speed and output is obtained from the small gear hence the speed of the output shaft increases.

5) Electricity from the generator: The high speed output shaft from the gearbox is connected to the generator and it rotates inside the generator. It is here that the electricity is produced.

Wind turbines have been called as the future of green energy but some researchers are worried that wind turbines are changing weather patterns and harming environment. Scientist Somnath Baidya Roy of Duke University has suggested an unpredicted outcome related to these amazing machines: skewed weather reports.

The problem lies in the working of wind turbine. The wind blows the blades of the turbine around a shaft, which then generates electricity. The turmoil created mixes the air around it, which then makes the air closer to the ground both warmer and dryer for miles around it. This creates fallacious weather reports and concerns. It could also affect utilization of energy when it comes to heating and cooling units for businesses.

In many cases, the Weather Services has ended up with false cyclone alerts and storm warnings. The simple solution is to be aware of the probable problems at hand; a better solution is probably to evaluate the equipment itself.

One study suggests that low-turbulence shaft may provide the solution but there are other potential fixes on the horizon. A probable solution is to configure a radar system in the area to overlook the wind farms themselves, which would help to address the false weather reports, but not the effects of the energy production. This will take a change in the technology itself.

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